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JIVE is Jivin'

Jive needs to let Dre be on the Big's album. That's messed up. I know I 'm not the only one who feels like this. But they need to realize they can't stop it. It's like we can't stop the sun from shining and the rain from's BOUND to happen. I am happy he produced some of the tracks but DANG Jive for real? If anything you'd think that'll make Jive look better to allow Dre to be on it as an artist. It shows they can work with other labels and keep their artist happy. But then again it's Jive, not Artista/LaFace *shrug*. So Jive can kiss my drawls.Read more


Outkast Store/Shopping

I would love to see more merchandise offered in the store. I need some Outkast paraphernalia! Posters, clothes, hell... give me some ATLien action figures for the kids. Anyone else have any other items they'd like to see???


Andre interested in electronic/IDM/experimental?

I heard Andre asked Squarepusher to collaborate with him. It's a shame nothing came from that because if I was asked such a thing, i'd be all over that s***. Andre, post-rap. not to mention the fact that i would love to see IDM take a new direction.

sure there's glitch-hop but i'm looking for something more out there.

best of luck in finding your place, Andre. you are most def a remarkable connoisseur of the arts.


Did Big Boi really say that????

Did Big Boi really say in a freestyle rap 2,3,or maybe even 4 yrs. ago on B.E.T. that

If u date a white girl u r lame?????? I of course automatically started to dislike Big Boi b/cuz of this.

Now if any1 or Big Boi urself could answer this please do!!

I need to know if I heard what I heard or if I heard wrong.

I hate to have been not likn sum1 b/cuz of a misunderstanding!!


Endtones (similar to ringtones) and Outkast, Big Boi, etc. NEW REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES

I will be in Atlanta in late May and want to connect and discuss how Endtones can bring new rev streams to the local artists! Any interest? If so, let me know - <a href=""></a>



Thiz iz a place to let out your negativity. AnYtHinG GoEs!

Right now i b so tired of all dem h8terz. The instegeting h8terz, the staring in yo face h8terz, the stain on your pantz h8terz, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?!


What's the las good film you saw?

i saw the princess and the frog and it was tight. idc if i'm a guy. disney cartoons are magical. i'm almost there is awesome song.


Anyone into Axiom Funk?!

I love this band and Jimi's cover "If 6 was 9 " is farout funky psychedelia Smile:)


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FORUM Vets???

Yoskiwoski, I got word that some of the old heads are on this board now. Are the rumors true? Is the power back on? Are we awake? Say sumn, lol

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