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Have you ever noticed that Outkast always has an intro on their album but their the best part right!?


What's your fave Outkast album?

What's you fave Outkast album and why?

Mine is Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. I never get tired of listening to it and every song is as great as the next--boths signs of an amazing album.


Best Collaboration..

Who is your favorite collab outkast did? Mines gotta be playa's anthem with UGK...RiP PimP C.


Defend your favorite lyric!!!!

My fav lyric on my profile is from B.O.B ....whenever this verse kicks in and i hear that line gets me amped...definitely on my playlist for the gym.


Aquemini or ATLiens?

IF there were no other albums in the world, which one would u pick? Ooooh its so TOUGH.

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