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Apologies from atl airport

Just want to apologize for earlier at Atlanta airport. I wasn't sure it was you and yes I took a photo. It didn't turn out. When you said something I was very nervous and should have fessed up. In hindsight, I should have introduced myself and asked permission. Mr. Andre, forgive my rudeness


class of 3000

What happen to Andre3000 class of 3000 ?

Ke$ha Get Sleazy 2.0 Remix Cover

Dre hooked up with pop freak Ke$ha for yet another remix of her track "Get Sleazy", this time with T.I., Wiz, and Lil Wayne. Half his verse is from the perspective of an 8-year old. We'll give you a second to let that sink in...Dre raps from inside the brain of an 8 year old. That's some mental acrobatics right there. Genius.

Stream it now on Ke$ha's site or skip all the re-tweeting and grab it now from iTunes.


Erin Andrews Gets Own Gatorade Bath

Erin Andrews Gets Own Gatorade Bath

Well, the NBA season's dead, might as well kill the mascots, too.

The Philadelphia News reports that after conferring with fans, Hip-Hop, the Sixers' bunny mascot with acrobatic style, has been ditched, nevermore to dunk off a trampoline again. From the Philly News:
After receiving hundreds of communications from fans, nearly all of them advocating the end of a symbol of a different era, the teams new ownership will announce today that the never-beloved mascot has been put out to pasture, literally.Read more


Would Muggsy Bogues Be "Overlooked"

Bogues was a once in a lifetime type of player and its amazing he carved out a 15 year pro career for himself. At 5-3, he made Spud Webb look tall at 5-7. Bogues is a player who did all of the little things well. His lack of height made him excel in areas that other players with more height overlooked.Read more

Minus Connections

For anyone who partied a little too hard last night, Minus connections just put up this podcast for the morning after.

Why is it on this site? Because "Prototype" shows up 3 songs in and it sounds gorgeous next to Beck, Electric Light Orchestra, Aphex Twin and Brian Eno. We're not joking with this. Listen.

Outkast's "Prototype" in the Minus Connections Podcast. Minus Connections July '11 - Minus Office Morning After Mix by Minus

Lloyd's track "Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)" featuring Dre and Lil Wayne, just got an official video and it is...crazy. Wayne Brady does Lil Wayne's verses and a talking cat does Andre's (possibly as a reference to the Ms. Jackson video?). Sure, why the hell not. Check it out below.Read more

Another new Andre verse for you, this time from Lil' Wayne's long-awaited "Tha Carter IV". The track is "Interlude" and along with a nasty Tech N9ne verse (cool to see someone like that on an album like this) we get Dre talkin' Neon Black and Electric Gray and thats it. No Wayne verse, just a mic-dropping conclusion from Three Stacks and we're out.

It works. Listen below.

Andre's verse on John Legend's "Green Light" is a little slept on. Sure its short, but its also hilarious and loose. He's just "style-freein" after all. This MSTRKRFT remix from a few years ago takes the original and drags it through the dirt, but in a good way. Enjoy.

Back in 2006, BBC2 did an interview with Dre where he expressed his love for the music of Squarepusher, a UK-based electronic producer/genius. In the piece, Andre asks for the BBC to find Squarepusher to see if the two could collaborate.

The BBC, being responsible journalists, does just that in this video.

After the piece aired, the story stayed pretty quiet for awhile, until this article late last year, where Squarepusher himself stated that he and dre were "Edging toward a plan" to make something "fucking astonishingly good".

What do ya'll think about this collaboration? Dre is definitely not afraid of new genres, and he's clearly OK with cracked-out electronic music, evidenced by his "Favorite Things" on The Love Below.

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