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Can somebody post andre 3000s lyrics to ciaras ride please?

Ciara Ride Remix Cover Art

Now available on itunes - the Bei Maejor remix of "Ride" featuring the one and only three stacks. Support Andre verses and go buy the remix now.

Click here to buy Ciara - "Ride" (Bei Maejor Remix Ft. Andre 3000) on itunes now.

That's right, there's new Dre music for sale, so run to the itunes store and get your fix.

You heard the track (a cover of the best ending for a Beatles movie ever) "All Together Now" in an amazing ad for Nike, and now you can buy it to blast on repeat until the next dose of new three stacks music. Check out the Nike spot below and click here to buy Andre 3000 - "All Together Now" on itunes.Read more

If you haven't heard yet, here is Andre 3000 covering The Beatles for an NBA playoffs spot. And its amazing. How great is it to have new Andre music? Stay tuned y'all, the video of the NBA spot is after the jump.Read more

Alright, it should go without saying that both Big Boi and Dre (and Eryhkah Badu, for that matter) absolutely kill this song, but there is something about that beat switch at 1:35 that just highlights Dre's verse perfectly. Listen all you want and the verse is genius, but read the words in print, and the verse is legendary.

Too Democratic, Republic fuck it

We chicken nugget, we dip in the sauce like mop and bucket

Blue-collar scholars, who'll take your dollar and wipe my ass wit it

You livin for the lotto never hit it

I met a critic, I made her shit her drawers

She said she thought hip-hop was only guns and alcohol

I said "Oh hell naw!" But yet it's that tooRead more


Andre interested in electronic/IDM/experimental?

I heard Andre asked Squarepusher to collaborate with him. It's a shame nothing came from that because if I was asked such a thing, i'd be all over that s***. Andre, post-rap. not to mention the fact that i would love to see IDM take a new direction.

sure there's glitch-hop but i'm looking for something more out there.

best of luck in finding your place, Andre. you are most def a remarkable connoisseur of the arts.


Andre Benjamin

Hey there,

I will appreciate if someone could ID this coat <a href="" title=""></a>

*********Andre, If you reading this, tell me finally what your coat is, please:)*************


After the first post of Andre 3000’s Best New-Style verses, we bring you part 2, courtesy of user bracin3000, who suggested some amazing tracks that we missed. More Dre Flows Below.

Lloyd - “Want You Remix (Ft. Andre 3000 and Nas)”

"I said what time you get off? She said when you get me off...”Read more



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