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What would Andre 3000 think on Prince right now?

What would you like to see Prince do in the future?
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An addition to the discussion would be most grateful!




Big Boi was in the movie Who's your Caddy, at the end he wins the golf match and a song plays saying "we can take it just a little bit higher like this" what is the song and who is the artist?



The UK needs you

Come to the UK, it would make my life!!!!!!!

Big's got a new track with Theophilus London and Tre Luce called "She Said OK". It's a dirty stankin classic. Listen/download now.


Get your Green Bling from V2 cigs on this St. Patrick’s Day

In past there was many myths even we also aware of few. Today we have blind faith on many myths and we are following them like fools. These myths are now become a part of our culture. If we talk about St. Patrick’s Day then revealers have said that wearing Green on St. Patrick’s Day will made you invisible to leprechauns and fairy creatures, who would pinch you if you wear anything other than green.Read more


79 Seville - Escalades - Unc's silver 300 zx


I'm looking for photos of the '79 Canary Yellow Caddy Seville and both their Escalades.. the black one and the burgundy one. My shop was in GA called Creative Customs Auto Paint & Design and I painted them! If you guys read up on this.... it may jog your memory about your Uncles silver 300 zx that got hit by a mailtruck in Savannah. Wink

My shop is in Central Florida now if ya need anything wet!

I'm looking for pics of the cars I painted because I don't have them anymore for my portfolio! I would love to get them again and what video were they in??Read more

Have you seen Big Boi's unofficial remix of "Shutterbugg" over a beat by Crystal Castles? He did it on an episode of's "Selector" series. Watch him do it right here, and if you want the track (which you DO) you can get it now on The Selector Series Mixtape, which also has tracks by Lil B, Killer Mike, Danny Brown, DJ Quik and more.

Click here to get The Selector Mixtape now.Read more

Big Boi's 20 Best Guest Verses

Smoking Section just put out this list of Big's 20 Best Guest Verses and it's deep. Way more than just Killer Mike and Jay-Z here. True fans won't be disappointed, and you'll probably even find some new stuff (buddy). Enjoy.

Damn internet, took ya long enough. "Shutterbugg" finally gets the big bassline beat-that-ass dubstep treatment it deserves, courtesy of Unlimited Gravity. Check it out right here.

Big Boi - Shutterbug (Unlimited Gravity Remix) by Hypetrak

via Hypetrak

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