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When is OutKast performing in any MIdwest states?


JIVE is Jivin'

Jive needs to let Dre be on the Big's album. That's messed up. I know I 'm not the only one who feels like this. But they need to realize they can't stop it. It's like we can't stop the sun from shining and the rain from's BOUND to happen. I am happy he produced some of the tracks but DANG Jive for real? If anything you'd think that'll make Jive look better to allow Dre to be on it as an artist. It shows they can work with other labels and keep their artist happy. But then again it's Jive, not Artista/LaFace *shrug*. So Jive can kiss my drawls.Read more



Dies any know if the entire Outkast catalog was given away to anyone?

Please join us in wishing Andre 3000 a very happy birthday today!

Outkast Store/Shopping

I would love to see more merchandise offered in the store. I need some Outkast paraphernalia! Posters, clothes, hell... give me some ATLien action figures for the kids. Anyone else have any other items they'd like to see???


a song by outkast

There was a skit done at the end of one of outkast records and it went something like ;a girl was on the phone talking to a boy her mother yells and tells here to get off the phone she says i gotta go the boy say wait "Marcus wanna know if he can get sum cutup" she yells back ill cut yo ass up. Do any 1 know what album that was from



i am a die hard Outkast fan. I would be psyched if you guys came here.

Congratulations kaylorzm, who just won the entire Outkast catalog on CD and Vinyl. Enjoy the music, and if you've won the contest, make sure to submit a photo of you and your prize right here.
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