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JIVE is Jivin'

Jive needs to let Dre be on the Big's album. That's messed up. I know I 'm not the only one who feels like this. But they need to realize they can't stop it. It's like we can't stop the sun from shining and the rain from's BOUND to happen. I am happy he produced some of the tracks but DANG Jive for real? If anything you'd think that'll make Jive look better to allow Dre to be on it as an artist. It shows they can work with other labels and keep their artist happy. But then again it's Jive, not Artista/LaFace *shrug*. So Jive can kiss my drawls.Read more

I love the site! There is so much info. Thank you guys for continuing to do what you do, and thank you for giving us a place to keep up with what you guys are all about.
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Posted by BROCK

all my Los Angeles Outkasts, where the f*** y'all at?!!

<strong>OUTKAST</strong>... what can i say... hands down, the best hip-hop ARTISTS of all time! from the West to the East, and back to the West...

and chec out these West Coast <em>outkasts!</em> <a href="">WorldWide - Music the Movement</a>

thank y'all, and continue to support Outkast and great music WorldWide!

Big Boi is pure jokes, boy. I was assumin' Andre 3000 was gonna be on the album, but now that it's confirmed.. I'm really anticipating this. Too crazy. I'm also guessin'/hopin' Janelle Monae and Killa Mike/Mike Bigga (Can't be to sure what he's callin' himself. Haha.) make an appearance as well.

"Who better than the 'Kast, n***a? Nobody!"


Andre Benjamin

Hey there,

I will appreciate if someone could ID this coat <a href="" title=""></a>

*********Andre, If you reading this, tell me finally what your coat is, please:)*************


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Touring in the East Coast!

Hope you guys get together for a tour this summer. Would be awesome to see you in the NY area I'll definitely be there if it happens!

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