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anything outkast.

Posted by KEIDOG
Posted by KEIDOG

Will the real Outkast Please stand up.

Tonight I was inhaling trees. I was alone after dealing with life in HD ( Hardcore Definition) when I remembered that I had hand picked voices for my journey to the past, present & future.... Aquimeni. 39 bells I am. 39 whistles in the wind. 39 summers...Been here so long that i could here my echo from 39 years ago. Aquimeni sounded louder than any bell or whistle..... . but from where does the auditorial libation a come?!!!! A different time, much different place. OutKast why has though forsaken we? In a time of insecurity, disruption and corruption why doest though flee?!!!Read more

This is hands down one of my fav oldies to keep in the truck to bang...luv OUTKAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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