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ATLiens and Liverpudlians: OutKast Meets The Beatles

Whudupp family?! I am a hip hop journalist and I was inspired to write this article after having the privilege of spending the weekend with Big Boi and his family last summer. I poured my soul into this article!

Big Boi ReTweeted it and said that it was "Dope!" I hope you like it too!

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Atliens was a dope album when it cam out. I still play a few of the songs in the clubs today including "ATLIENS" and the "Jazze Belle Remix" (only available on the single) Their music continues to hit hard and they always have a few gems that are worthy of playing for years and years to come.

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Aquemini or ATLiens?

IF there were no other albums in the world, which one would u pick? Ooooh its so TOUGH.

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