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ATLiens and Liverpudlians: OutKast Meets The Beatles

Whudupp family?! I am a hip hop journalist and I was inspired to write this article after having the privilege of spending the weekend with Big Boi and his family last summer. I poured my soul into this article!

Big Boi ReTweeted it and said that it was "Dope!" I hope you like it too!

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Big Boi Andre 3000 and The Dungeon Family at GQ Magazine Photo Shoot

Big Boi and a masked Andre 3000 (lookin a little like Rorshach) were in a pretty epic photo shoot with (almost all of) The Dungeon Family this weekend for GQ magazine. Check out some behind the scenes photos right here, and more over at Straight From The A.Read more


Benjamin Bixby

This site should sell Benjamin Bixby Clothing.

Hey check out this dope video with Stepping to Bombs Over Baghdad! It felt it really did the song justice!
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JIVE is Jivin'

Jive needs to let Dre be on the Big's album. That's messed up. I know I 'm not the only one who feels like this. But they need to realize they can't stop it. It's like we can't stop the sun from shining and the rain from's BOUND to happen. I am happy he produced some of the tracks but DANG Jive for real? If anything you'd think that'll make Jive look better to allow Dre to be on it as an artist. It shows they can work with other labels and keep their artist happy. But then again it's Jive, not Artista/LaFace *shrug*. So Jive can kiss my drawls.Read more

Dude! The flow on this rap is insane, Big Boi came back hard on this track, his style is extremely smooth on the track and the beat hits ultra hard in the clubs. This is by far my favorite track right now!

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This album was great for me as a DJ cause it put a ton of my favorite Outkast songs on One album and even had some great new tracks allowing me to consolidate my DJ Record Crates and have most of their songs in One spot. I was able to remove Two albums and several singles from the crate at One time and simply replace them with this Best of Outkast style album making it possible for me to keep Outkast songs in rotation while adding other groups and new singles in the newly aquired slots.Read more

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