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Big Boi is pure jokes, boy. I was assumin' Andre 3000 was gonna be on the album, but now that it's confirmed.. I'm really anticipating this. Too crazy. I'm also guessin'/hopin' Janelle Monae and Killa Mike/Mike Bigga (Can't be to sure what he's callin' himself. Haha.) make an appearance as well.

"Who better than the 'Kast, n***a? Nobody!"

So dope. Gettin' my hands on those vinyls would make my day. Big ups to Outkast and Sony for running this contest. Much love.

i would love to win these CDs and vinyls. this would make my mom soo happy for her birthday. she loves OutKast, she cant w8 for that Sir Lucious Left Foot. when i told her andre 3000 was gonna be on a few songs she was like "thats what i want to hear, they still making GOOD MUSIC"

Listen... did you hear that? wow I need to get the instrumental to Da Art of Storytellin' pt.2, I need to put a verse on it for yall to hear!

Posted by MISTA SHAW

Best Collaboration..

Who is your favorite collab outkast did? Mines gotta be playa's anthem with UGK...RiP PimP C.

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