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Git Up, Git Out


Track 12: Git Up, Git Out
Git Up, Git Out
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This was my first "favorite" Outkast track

This was the first of Many "Favorite" songs by Outkast.
The lyrics were well put together and flow between characters smoothly to tell a story that inspires.

This was also my college roomate's favorite song, a great lyricist in his own right originally inspired by groups like Tribe Called Quest, Dela Soul, Pete Rock CL Smooth, EPMD, Public Enemy, GangStarr, he later took on other inspirational groups including Redman, Das EFX, and then Outkast as a new group he admired after purchasing this album. He played this song constantly and thus it has stuck in my head whenever I feel lazy I sing the chorus to myself.. and then I "get up get out and do something..."

I've never been and never will be a weed head and have never smoked weed and neither did my roomate, even though All our friends did, but the getting motivated part of the chorus still has an effect on my natural tendency to want to stay in bed and be lazy. It still inspires me to this day, and lead to my becoming an Outkast Fan from their very first album.

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