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Big Boi - "Shutterbug"

Who's already on that "Shutterbug"? Big Boi tweeted about it, so you can get the info directly from him below. The track is NUTS, Zapp and Roger meet Big Boi for a lesson in interplanetary funksmanship...Boi stop...

Big Boi Tweets about new song shutterbug

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I think "shutterbug" is cool and I can't wait for the album Big Boi. Who's doing the album artwork this time?

Yea got the track Monday night & it's real crazy. I was already looking forward to Big Boi's solo album a lot with how long we have waited for it but this has got me anticipating it even more.

got it last night! at 10pm after class! on repeat till 2am! cause you know i had skool!
his lyrics were crazy!!! i like the gwen stefani punchline alot! since ima fan of no doubt!

cant wait!!!

This joint KNOCKS!

I was worried for a second when Zapp & Roger was mention in this post, but dang, this track is fresh! I've only heard For Your Sorrows and this track so far and I already want to book it to HMV and get this CD. 2010 is looking good for music, boy. First Gil Scott Heron and Sade drop albums, then Erykah Badu, now Big Boi and later on this year (maybe... I mean really...) Dr. Dre is droppin' an album?



That funk is back.
"as long as you got Outkast, hip hop will be alright" - Nas