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Big Boi's 20 Best Guest Appearances

Big Boi's 20 Best Guest Verses

Smoking Section just put out this list of Big's 20 Best Guest Verses and it's deep. Way more than just Killer Mike and Jay-Z here. True fans won't be disappointed, and you'll probably even find some new stuff (buddy). Enjoy.

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Seeing as all of these songs are Big Boi’s guest appearances, it therefor excludes the many OST’s featuring Outkast and Big Boi as a solo artist, and anything officially by Big Boi…such as songs like:
”My Chrome” and ”U Got Me!!” (from Got Purp Vol.2)
”In Due Time” (from Soul Food OST)
”Runnin’ Away” (from Sly and the Family Stone’s guest appearance cover album, Different Strokes By Different Folks)
And all of Big Boi’s and Outkast’s unreleased tracks, such as ”Ringtone” and ”Sumthin’s Gotta Give” and ”Roaches and Rats” and ”Lookin’ 4 Ya”.

For Big Boi fans such as myself, here’s a few more of his guest appearances.

Get it Shawty (Remix)- Lloyd
Magnificent (Remix)- Rick Ross
This is How I Feel- Earth, Wind & Fire
Car Show- Jagged Edge
Wanna Move- P.Diddy
H.A.T.E. U (Remix)- Mariah Carey
Margharita- Sleepy Brown
I Can’t Wait- Sleepy Brown
Dez Only 1- Witch Doctor
Walk it Out (Remix)- UNK
Ready Set Go- Killer Mike