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The Brothers of Chico Dusty - Black Keys + Big Boi

brothers of chico dusty album cover

Are you all up on this Big Boi + Black Keys mashup? Mashups these days can be questionable, but this one is Big Boi approved and stankin'.

After you check it out right here, go vote for Big Boi and the Black Keys to play the grammys.

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Where is Black Keys vocals? If it is to be a true mash-up, we need your boys beats and Black keys vocals as well...let me know if that will happen because i would love to see how that turns out!!!

How can I get Andre to listen to a few damn minutes of a song I could not have written without him?

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Andre, you keep saying things that i was gonna say but
too afraid to say

and now I know I can keep up,

no joke. help me out one more time.

-Ben Dehart