Buy Andre 3000's New Song "All Together Now" On iTunes

That's right, there's new Dre music for sale, so run to the itunes store and get your fix.

You heard the track (a cover of the best ending for a Beatles movie ever) "All Together Now" in an amazing ad for Nike, and now you can buy it to blast on repeat until the next dose of new three stacks music. Check out the Nike spot below and click here to buy Andre 3000 - "All Together Now" on itunes.

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Very well done. Can't wait for more!

i like the Beatles and i usually dont like cover songs but this is good, it shows 3000's range as an artist just not a rapper! BUT! i wanna hear him RAP!!!! When Is His Album Coming! ha i hope soon!!!
Realistically There Hasnt Been An OUTKAST album since Stankonia! Im talkin 3000 & BB On 98% Of All the Songs! We Need A "SouthernPlayaListicATLienAqueminiStankoniaFunkyMuzik" ha! Kast For Life