Classic Andre 3000 Verse Of The Week - "Humble Mumble" [VIDEO]

Alright, it should go without saying that both Big Boi and Dre (and Eryhkah Badu, for that matter) absolutely kill this song, but there is something about that beat switch at 1:35 that just highlights Dre's verse perfectly. Listen all you want and the verse is genius, but read the words in print, and the verse is legendary.

Too Democratic, Republic fuck it

We chicken nugget, we dip in the sauce like mop and bucket

Blue-collar scholars, who'll take your dollar and wipe my ass wit it

You livin for the lotto never hit it

I met a critic, I made her shit her drawers

She said she thought hip-hop was only guns and alcohol

I said "Oh hell naw!" But yet it's that too

You can't discrimi-hate cause you done read a book or two

What if I looked at you in a microscope, saw all the dirty organisms

living in your closet would I stop and would I pause it? Whoo!

To put that bitch in slower motion, got the potion and the antidote

And a quote for collision the decision.. is,

do you want to live or wanna exist?

The game changes everyday so obsolete is the fist and marches

Speeches only reaches those who already know about it

This is how we go about it

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3000 verse for next week "Ya'll Scared"

sorry i couldnt wait! its tooooooooooo Good! i couldnt wait for you to guys to get to it ha

"What's Sad Is That Crack, Was Introduced To Hispanic Communities And Blacks,

But Then It Spread To White And Got Everyone's Undivided Attention

Cause Your Daughter Is On It And You Can't Hide It, Maybe Your Son Tried It, Rehab Too Crowded...You Scared, She Scared, They Scared, I Said They Scared, They Scared To Talk About It"


To put that b**** in slower motion, got the potion and the antidote

And a quote for collision the decision"

this my favorite part! the delivery in this part is so smooth! amazing!