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DOWNLOAD "DoYaThing" Now

Edit: Download "DoYaThing" now on the Converse site.

"DoYaThing", featuring Andre 3000, Gorillaz and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) is streaming right now over at Listen Before You Buy. Speaking of buying, you can buy it on the Converse site starting tomorrow.

"talkin' bout 'uh he don't rap enough', well y'all rap a lot, and i'm like, 'wrap it up'." Prepare to have your mind blown again and again with this verse. Wow.

BONUS: Check out this interview with James Murphy where he talks about working with Andre, "You know how you think you're going to meet André and he's going to be totally cool? He's actually way cooler." and he also talks about the 12-minute version of this track, which is basically everyone just jamming together. Sick.

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This is great. Sounds mildly like Basement Jaxx.
It has to be the longest 3000 verse to date.
The way Dre blended into the song reminded me of Esthero's "Junglebook". And I never get tired of when the tune changes whenever Dre and Big Boi introduce themselves. Phenomenal!!