New Music: Rick Ross ft. Andre 3000-"Sixteen"

No one breaks out of the 16 bar structure like Dre. No one. Here he is demonstrating on "Sixteen", his collabo with Rick Ross on God Forgives, I Don't. Listen to the track HERE.

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This is TobyStark aka Alexander. I thought it was cool that you made a song with some of the illest out the WU. I am way too tired to go into detail about all the things I think about you. I don't appreciate the message you send to the kids nor do I care for your music. Man I'm tired...My ex-girlfriend idolizes you and would really like to meet you with this little bit of time we have left. If you're not too buisy, I would like you to stop by on Christmas. I live in Chicago but I am having Christmas dinner at my ex-mother's house. She lives in a suburb called Bolingbrook. If you have the time Boss, I would love if you could make it. If you say no, I would be a Big boy and just take it. Contact me on Facebook, would love to hear from you: <a href=""></a>.

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the only reason this is good because Andre3000 is in it

As we would say in the A-Town. This go HARD. Outkast as a whole always seems to reach it to another level. They need to come out with that last album for leface so they can start back making music together again. This is Real music and not that POP and SHAKE.