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Official Outkast News

Last night Big Boi continued to conquer the late night talk show scene with this performance of "Shutterbugg" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, featuring none other than The Roots. Check it out below.Read more

Big Boi smashed Leno's stage last night with a live version of "Shutterbugg" and it was ridiculous. You can tell by the performance and the musical arrangement that Big has had this in the works for a long time, and he was hungry to take the stage. Check out the performance below to get a good sense of what Big's upcoming shows (pitchfork anyone?) will look like.Read more

DJ X Rated and DJ Esco just put together the Big Boi Mixtape for Dummies. Its 1000% classics. Don't be a dummy, download it now so you can rock it all weekend.

Click here to download Big Boi's Mixtape For Dummies over at 2Dopeboyz.

Yet another genius video from Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son Of Chico Dusty. Check out the video (fur coats and seafood y'all) for "Follow Us" (Ft. Vonegutt) right here and enjoy.
Read more

Its TIME. Big Boi just posted his entire new album Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty for you all to listen to on his myspace. Go stream it now and head back here to discuss what you just heard. Damn...that was just the intro...

Ciara Ride Remix Cover Art

Now available on itunes - the Bei Maejor remix of "Ride" featuring the one and only three stacks. Support Andre verses and go buy the remix now.

Click here to buy Ciara - "Ride" (Bei Maejor Remix Ft. Andre 3000) on itunes now.

That's right, there's new Dre music for sale, so run to the itunes store and get your fix.

You heard the track (a cover of the best ending for a Beatles movie ever) "All Together Now" in an amazing ad for Nike, and now you can buy it to blast on repeat until the next dose of new three stacks music. Check out the Nike spot below and click here to buy Andre 3000 - "All Together Now" on itunes.Read more

The video for "General Patton" and "Fo Your Sorrows" (Ft. Too $hort, George Clinton and Sam Chris) are both out right now, and they are both amazing. Watch "For Your Sorrows" below, and click here to watch the video for "General Patton".

Walk with Big Boi as he prepares for Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty to come out (on July 6th). In these two videos, he celebrates his birthday in Athens, hangs with Yelawolf, and visits his old high school. Check out part 3 right here, and part 4 after the jump.Read more

Check out this new Big Boi cut - "Lookin For Ya", featuring Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown...aka The "I Can't Wait" Alumni.

Big Boi (Ft. Andre 3000 and Sleepy Brown) - "Lookin For Ya"

MORE new music off Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. It's "General Patton", and its NASTY.

Stream Big Boi's "General Patton" right here.

If you haven't heard yet, here is Andre 3000 covering The Beatles for an NBA playoffs spot. And its amazing. How great is it to have new Andre music? Stay tuned y'all, the video of the NBA spot is after the jump.Read more