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Big Boi sat down with DJ Delz to talk about (amongst other things) Andre 3000's involvement in Sir Lucious Leftfoot...check the video below. Read more

Who's already on that "Shutterbug"? Big Boi tweeted about it, so you can get the info directly from him below. The track is NUTS, Zapp and Roger meet Big Boi for a lesson in interplanetary funksmanship...Boi stop...

Big Boi Tweets about new song shutterbug

Janelle Monae just released her music video for "Tightrope" which features a special appearance by Leftfoot himself as the renegade music instructor.

This song jams...not only is the video amazing (especially that shuffle move she does), but the track already sounds would fit nicely next to "Crooked Booty", "The Whole World", and "Land of a Million Drums"... Check it out below!Read more

Gyant TV just posted this really great interview with Big Boi where he talks about switching to Def Jam, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, and the future of Outkast (thats right). Watch the video below.Read more

After the first post of Andre 3000’s Best New-Style verses, we bring you part 2, courtesy of user bracin3000, who suggested some amazing tracks that we missed. More Dre Flows Below.

Lloyd - “Want You Remix (Ft. Andre 3000 and Nas)”

"I said what time you get off? She said when you get me off...”Read more

The Outkast Official Store is now live. If you are looking for ANY ‘kast music, then this is the place. You can pick up complete albums and individual tracks for digital download, from Idlewild all the way to Southernplayalisticadillacmusic. Go get what you’ve been missing. Stank you very much.

XXL Magazine spoke with Big Boi about his upcoming solo debut Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. According to Big Boi, he has already filmed five music videos for the album and plans to make a video for each song.

“I know everybody’s been waiting [for Sir Luicous] and I’m anxious to give it to them. But it will be here soon. Trust me.” Read the interview here.

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Big Boi's new video for "Shine Blockas", featuring Gucci Mane.Read more

Over the last few years, Dre started changing up his style a little bit. Not too much, but enough for the true fans to notice. He slowed his verses down and chose his words carefully, but still made sure they had the same power. The best examples are all on guest spots. Check out the top 5 examples of the ever-changing Andre 3000 flow, below.

1. UGK (Ft. Outkast) - "International Players Anthem"

So, I typed a text to a girl I used to see/ Sayin' that I chose this cutie pie with whom I wanna be, and/ I apologize if this message gets you down/ Then I cc'd every girl that I'd see see 'round town...Read more

In case y’all missed this one, the US Hockey team blasted “Hey Ya” as they defeated Canada this week. Nothing against our Canadian brothers, but “Hey Ya” was the right choice for an Olympic win, stank ya very much. Check out an article about the match right here.

The results are in, and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below has been scored as the top-selling album of the last decade (tied with Nsync’s “No Strings Attached”, certified at 11 times platinum, thanks to all the ‘kast fans that went out and bought the album.

So let’s give it some love. Start playing it right now and report your favorite track from each disc. Discover something you missed.