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THROWBACK: "Da Art of Storytellin" Live in Paris

This one comes from Paris, circa 2000, and though the mics are a little loud in the video, you still get a good sense of what it would be like to check out a lower-key Outkast show PRE "Hey Ya". And you know you'd kill to have Dre's pants. He was crushin the No Shirt + Pants + Leather Gauntlets + Perm look back then. Pause.

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I`m searching for a song and I think it was from the 2000 Video of the Paris show... The background guitarplayer sang it .... Will Song or so .... I would love to hear it or watch the video again. It was 10 years ago on German Television called Viva and I think he played it in this concert!! Please help me!!

I would kill to see outkast in concert.... i feel like it probably will never happen tho... lame. all the other greats are dead and gone and kast is stuck in a battle with the record company Sad

NICE! Love This Record. You betta go , and get the hump up out cha back na! It's bout four, five cats up in my Lac na!....Dope!