THROWBACK: Young Andre 3000 Freestyling in a High School Gym | The Official Outkast Site

THROWBACK: Young Andre 3000 Freestyling in a High School Gym

This is crazy. Just found this footage from something called The 411 Knowledge & Entertainment Show, hosted by radio personality Carol Blackmon.

Shot in 1994 at S.W Dekalb High School in Atlanta, this video features a young Dre freestyling over an offscreen beatbox, and its amazing. A little slice of time back at the beginning of this whole epic journey. Think of the steps these kids took after this moment...ATLiens, Aquemini, "B.O.B.", "Hey Ya", "Sir Lucious Left Foot", and it STILL hasn't stopped...

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i watch this at least 2 times a month, wish it was fave part "Settin Trends, Commin On In beCause My Name Is Andre Ben"