UPDATE: Register To Win The Entire Outkast Catalog on CD/Vinyl | The Official Outkast Site

UPDATE: Register To Win The Entire Outkast Catalog on CD/Vinyl

Update: This contest will run until May 14th, and if you are emailed as a winner, please respond as soon as possible.

To celebrate the fact that Outkast has a brand new official site and official Outkast web store, Outkast.com will be giving away the entire ‘Kast catalog (on CD AND Vinyl) to a few lucky fans.

All you need to do to enter the contest is register for the official site. Each week for 4 weeks, a member of the site (this includes people who are already registered) will be selected to receive CD and Vinyl copies of each album in the Outkast catalogue. Even if you already have them, you’ll get another copy for your turntables, your car, your bathroom, wherever.

So sign up for the site now (on the top right corner of any page) to be entered, and keep coming back for all things stanky and beautiful.

Win the entire Outkast catalog on outkast.com

Rules are attached below.

Music_Giveaway_on_Outkast_com_Official_Rules_040110.pdf120.32 KB

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I would really love to win this.

I really love outkast i hope i win

Entered... <strong>deuces</strong>.

Dude I have been listening to Kast since Mothers Day 1994! and I still listen til this day! Hell I got it on Pandora, Ipod, I even got some lyrics in my office and share them with my students! Ready to win! Lets get it!