UPDATE: Register To Win The Entire Outkast Catalog on CD/Vinyl | The Official Outkast Site

UPDATE: Register To Win The Entire Outkast Catalog on CD/Vinyl

Update: This contest will run until May 14th, and if you are emailed as a winner, please respond as soon as possible.

To celebrate the fact that Outkast has a brand new official site and official Outkast web store, Outkast.com will be giving away the entire ‘Kast catalog (on CD AND Vinyl) to a few lucky fans.

All you need to do to enter the contest is register for the official site. Each week for 4 weeks, a member of the site (this includes people who are already registered) will be selected to receive CD and Vinyl copies of each album in the Outkast catalogue. Even if you already have them, you’ll get another copy for your turntables, your car, your bathroom, wherever.

So sign up for the site now (on the top right corner of any page) to be entered, and keep coming back for all things stanky and beautiful.

Win the entire Outkast catalog on outkast.com

Rules are attached below.

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sweet, either i win and get the albums or if i lose i'll just go buy them anyway.

Hook me up. I had most of their stuff on vinyl (including 12" singles) but those are gone. i need new copies.

I meet these 2 cats when they went to a CD release party in Washington DC. I still enjoy their music. Too bad I can't say that about my other favorite groups. (ie the Roots).

Are they autographed?

I had all dey albums and dey all vanished. I need dem back!!

I love Outkast and the entire Dungeon Family. Being an Rapper and DJ myself I often find that Outkast music is never dated and you can feel it in your bones. Outkast is always on top of their game whether they have some new material out or not. I dare anybody to step to Big Boi and especially Andre 3000 talking bout they fell off. The Catalogue speaks for itself.

I like Outkast
I think Andre & Antwan would like me if we ever hung out
keep making good/fun/outtathisworld music and stuff
that's all.

- jra3stacks.

Who wouldn't want to win this, hell who wouldn't want to buy any of this?!!!!!!

My idlewild walked away and my ATLiens committed suicide

"They be steady clappin' when you talk about b****es & switches & hoes & clothes & weed.
Let's talk about time travelin, rhyme javelin,
Somethin' mind unravelin'

-- Andre 3000, "Return of the 'G'"

Honestly, it would probably be the dopest experience of my life to win all the OutKast material from the offical website of the legends themselves. No homo, I'm gettin a little wet just thinking about it...

man it would be amazing to win some kast albums i wouldnt have to open!
got so many they all end up skippin! haha!



I have all the CDs and also a couple DVDs. This would be a great addition to my OUTKAST collection!!

I own them all on CD, but getting the vinyl would be dope

I have them all but a 2nd signed set will make my collection on fire!!!

Niggas in the point ain't change!!


I'm the 21st century O.K. Player!
Get It O.K. Player!!!??? lol

Props on the new site fellas, so I'm guessing some new music is coming next?

Everybody's A Player Wearing Them Kangol's On They Head
Thinking It's All About Your Clothes
N**** It's All About Yo Self
The Way You Feel About Yo Life
- Big Boi, Mainstream

Outkast is one of the greatest musical acts (not just Hip Hop) of all time!!!

outkast is the shizzzznit, listen to them prob every other day if not everyday, pick me!

Outkast is by far one of the best hip-hop duos in the existence of music.

OutKast . G.O.A.T. .. that is all.

I hope i win this Outkast package!! Every album is sick...is there a way to buy all there albums together somewhere?

outkast is the s***

the O.U.T.-a step ahead of Wu-Tang as my favorite group of all time (along with Idlewild-which is in my top 5 favorite movies of all time)

lookin forward to more from Big Boi and Andre

btw I bought southernplayalistic at LEAST 15 times (cassette for the walkman, car plus CD and Vinyl for the house) cuz if I lost one or it started gettin played out, I bought a new one (I bought Goodie Mob's - soul food 11 times & GZA's-liquid swords 10 times)

Am I the only girl here? LOL!

Wow this is great.

Outkast has to be one of the greatest and most creative duos in Hip Hop.

Outkast best in hiphop!