UPDATE: Register To Win The Entire Outkast Catalog on CD/Vinyl | The Official Outkast Site

UPDATE: Register To Win The Entire Outkast Catalog on CD/Vinyl

Update: This contest will run until May 14th, and if you are emailed as a winner, please respond as soon as possible.

To celebrate the fact that Outkast has a brand new official site and official Outkast web store, Outkast.com will be giving away the entire ‘Kast catalog (on CD AND Vinyl) to a few lucky fans.

All you need to do to enter the contest is register for the official site. Each week for 4 weeks, a member of the site (this includes people who are already registered) will be selected to receive CD and Vinyl copies of each album in the Outkast catalogue. Even if you already have them, you’ll get another copy for your turntables, your car, your bathroom, wherever.

So sign up for the site now (on the top right corner of any page) to be entered, and keep coming back for all things stanky and beautiful.

Win the entire Outkast catalog on outkast.com

Rules are attached below.

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Can't wait for Big Bois new CD n I know # Stacks is working on his!

Even if I don't win, I'm too happy that you guys are doing this. Great way to connect with the real fans out there that's still OutKasted and Claimin' True. Keep doing the damn thang.

I need to win this...this is the bomb. I saw Outkast like 5 times in concert. I am the #1 fan!!!


I need this to help my self esteem

i promise if i win then i will thank outkast when i win a grammy. Wink

sweeet this would be a nice late present for my bday

Can't wait to here something new from these kats

Aw, man! This'd be so dope to own!!!

i hope i win this.

Good luck everyone! How amazing would it be to win? Ahh, Outkast is incredible Smile

Vinyl sounds like it would be cleaaaan.

Glad to hear they are working on new stuff.

gotta get those vinyls

Outkast changed the game

Ive been waitin for the return of outkast, i signed up for this, this is great for true outkast fans.

Outkast for Life

Outkast is the greatest duo.....better than Batman & Robin, Yogi &Boo Boo

i signed up just to win this

Great contest, thanks

Fab contest! Love you guys!!!

Nothing like some Outkast cant wait to check this site out! Keep up the good work! ATL

Boi Stop!

Can't wait to get my hands on some more 'Kast....

I'm ready, holla @ ya gurl!!!

Thanks for the chance to win the entire catalog! I love Outkast!

I already have everything, but I know quite a few people I know who can replace their Eminem albums with the real s***. I'd be much obliged to help.

This is by far one of the dopest groups in hip-hop's past, present and future! They changed the scene ever since Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, and keep elevating the game of hip-hop. They don't sell out or try to mimic others that come along. They stay true to their selves and their fans and for that, I can't thank them enough!

I need to get these, BAD!! 2 dope boyz in a cadillac all day, every day !! STANK YOU VERY MUCH !!

Adding some OutKast to my vinyl collection would be heavenly.

I love who you are I love who ya ain’t you’re so Ann Frank
Outkast for life

Finally a new website!!! So excited to see updates. I've been waiting for new Outkast music for a while now! I hope I win this!!!

If I win this I would be extremely happy! Outkast music changed my life!!

Hope I can win this s***.

This would def be dope to win

So dope. Gettin' my hands on those vinyls would make my day. Big ups to Outkast and Sony for running this contest. Much love.

I actually had all of these at one time and then my house got robbed.<sad-faced>. This would be great to have again.

This is prolly the best catalog to win!! All great music!!

Let me tell yous something.....I came to MIA, FL from East Orange, NJ back in 1992. I was @ school and heard the remix of Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik and said WTF is this!!!? My ppl told me "It's Them boys from ATL, Outkasts!" I have never heard anything like that at the time. I ran to the nearest music store on my 30 minute lunch break to cop it! I was completely hooked from then til infinity. I LOVE THEM BOYS FROM ATL!!!!! They gonna get you.....HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHH.....

This is would be so dope so win to have all those outkast albums good luck to everyone!

I really would like to win this. All the albums are classics!!! True Outkast and DF Fan!!!

i would love to win these CDs and vinyls. this would make my mom soo happy for her birthday. she loves OutKast, she cant w8 for that Sir Lucious Left Foot. when i told her andre 3000 was gonna be on a few songs she was like "thats what i want to hear, they still making GOOD MUSIC"

I hope i win

Holy s***. Me and my girl would be so happy. Haha. She'd get the vinyl's, and I'd take the albums.