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VIDEO: Big Boi Talks 3000's Involvement in Sir Lucious Left Foot

Big Boi sat down with DJ Delz to talk about (amongst other things) Andre 3000's involvement in Sir Lucious Leftfoot...check the video below.

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on Boi's twitter he links a page about this same video
but people commented it and said pretty much kast need to put something out cause they will lose fans this way!

but ALL us real kast fans no thats not the truth!!

im craving it of course, but it will be well worth the wait considering every album they have put out
is still in heavy rotation for me!!

they never get old because they are all different and i learn something new everytime, little punchlines that were so discrete!

ahhh i Cant Sleepy Brown ft. Outkast......

Cant Wait!!! get it!!

man theres no denying this album will be absolutely crazy. i hope and pray for a new kast album every day but this album will hold me down especially with the 3k features. and just a question but is it pretty much a fact now that outkast is one of the most innovative hip hop acts ever? i almost feel like im insulting them saying theyre hip hop when theyre so much more. im only 15 and i find it so dope that these dudes came into a genre dominated by gangsta rap and a fascination with being the hardest out and just set the world ablaze with dope creative music while rocking kilts, crazy costumes and pink clothes. lol sorry the ending was so cheesy but im a kast fan for life and im really lookin forward to this

Big Boi is pure jokes, boy. I was assumin' Andre 3000 was gonna be on the album, but now that it's confirmed.. I'm really anticipating this. Too crazy. I'm also guessin'/hopin' Janelle Monae and Killa Mike/Mike Bigga (Can't be to sure what he's callin' himself. Haha.) make an appearance as well.

"Who better than the 'Kast, n***a? Nobody!"