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VIDEO: Janelle Monae (Ft. Big Boi) - "Tightrope"

Janelle Monae just released her music video for "Tightrope" which features a special appearance by Leftfoot himself as the renegade music instructor.

This song jams...not only is the video amazing (especially that shuffle move she does), but the track already sounds would fit nicely next to "Crooked Booty", "The Whole World", and "Land of a Million Drums"... Check it out below!

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I liked the video & think it fit the song very well with how unique it was. Not to mention Janelle is such a great artist as well & Big Boi added some very nice needed funk to it as well. Can't wait for Janelle first full-length solo album to finally drop next month. I'm sure it should be really dope like most everything that comes out of the Outkast family tree whether it be from their label or just extended family.

Musically impressive and the video just fun eye candy euphoria classic Janelle Monae and Big Boi typical lyrically Well DONE MK9 flawless Victory.

Maaaaaaan... Hip Hop and funk go together like spaghetti and meatballs.

Can't wait for the "The Arch Android" to drop. I need my Cindi Mayweather fix. Janelle Monae is like a cross between Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Sammy Davis Jr, Nina Simone and James Brown. I've been bumpin' this tune for a minute, but I was wondering if the video would correspond with the Metropolis EP... and it does so, I'm pleased. Big Boi came correct as usual... as if there was any doubt.

Don't tell anybody, but I really wanna get inside Janelle Monae's head.

Can't wait to see how this whole story will play out, and of course see Ms. Monae's career develop.

I Agree! Great Song!! Big Boi Added Nice Flavor! Cold War Is My Jam Tho! Lyrics Are Crazy!!!

Janelle Monae is like a female Andre 3000 with a little bit of James Brown. Her video is amazing and very unique.