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VIDEO: "New" School Andre Verses (Part 2)

After the first post of Andre 3000’s Best New-Style verses, we bring you part 2, courtesy of user bracin3000, who suggested some amazing tracks that we missed. More Dre Flows Below.

Lloyd - “Want You Remix (Ft. Andre 3000 and Nas)”

"I said what time you get off? She said when you get me off...”

Rich Boy - “Throw Some D’s Remix (Ft. Andre 3000, Lil John, The Game, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee, Nelly)”

“Ya partna got away but now he vegetable-like/ So I sent his mom and dad a whole case of V8/ He could die any second how much longer it gon' take...”

DJ Drama - “The Art Of Storytellin, Pt. 4 (Ft. Outkast)”

"I started off starvin/ Now they got me out here Brett Favre-in’"

Jay Z - “30 Something (Ft. Ice Cube and Andre 3000)”

“They get enveloped by the vision teller/ The television tells them their vision/ So now its hard for them to make decisions...”

Comments for this News article

I feel like whatever Dre do after t'day gone be a hit,
cuz what I saw at the airport was miraculous,
how could i come from the Chi on a mission and jus,
walk into a starbucks and have a carmal machiato and say,
hey how ya doin I think you gonna be on top of one dem planes cuz you
posted on that glass like you wanna go through it and it seem like we both
feelin kind of the same way where I just came you done already been and i wanna ask
ya somethin that ain't gotta nothin do wit what you do. I need sincere advice from a
regular person but, you scared of me and I'm scared of you cuz, i am thinking I ain't
bout to do what groupies do.
see i went to one of dem fancy restaurants and i know you have been there too
but they bout to do to me what they can't do to you. See I am the the old dre u knew back in "75"
b4 the big hit records and the movies came alive. I'm the old married woman with a brood of 4
and a husband about to retire never to work no more. Sometimes he don't know me and he definitely didn't know you, I said help me Lord he said ask Him to help me, too!
We went to a restaurant on Saturday
ate a meal it was good but it broke my tooth away.
Had a darn good time but now it's costing more than I want to pay. I think I better call Mr. Nugent and see what he gonna say. hope he just like the advertisement. And I pray he be God sent. Moral of the story is. it just felt good to see a familiar face. God let me see your face today just to let me know is going to be alright!!!LOL!!! Oh and like us Christians say, have a blessed day!! And I can't wait to tell me Sunday School class they gonna flip!!!!!!! I think it will be a good lesson on respecting other folks privacy!!!

nice! stank you for taking into account my thoughts on the subject!!