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Re: Speakerboxxx/The Love Below

"The Way You Move" is still a huge club banger I play on a consistent basis. The original Earth Wind n Fire was classic and so it has become with the Outkast version as well. My favorite song on the album was "Last Call" to me that was the hardest song on the entire album, I threw it on One of my <a href="">mixtapes</a> cause the second I heard it I fell in love with the song.

And I know a ton of people loved "Hey Ya" but to me it just felt too much like "Foot Loose" I preffered using the accapella and remixing it live in the club, but eventually the beat even grew on me and I started using it in it's original version as well as on occasion doing my own remixes of the track.

I have several copies of the album and several singles on Vinyl in my Vinyl record collection and a few of the songs still get spins in the clubs whenever I play, cause I'm always about pushing the songs that I love to my own fans so they too cn become fans of the music I love. Within any given night there are usually 5-10 peopel that ask "what's that song", once I tell them they become brand new fans of whatever artist they were asking about.

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