Re: UPDATE: Register To Win The Entire Outkast Catalog on CD/Vinyl

Thanks Big Boi and Andre 3000 for timeless classics and I am from the ATL/Decatur/ Stonemountain/Redan you know I-20 be like a Nascar race. I have all of the albums even the singles w/remixes however would definitely be awesome to win the entire catalog again.Well, cannot wait for your album to drop July 6 and Andre 3000 as well. Definitely anxious for the Outkast album and already know it will be monstrous like Cloverfield and AVATAR impressive superb excllence Mortal Kombat fan still MK9 on next generation consoles.By the way loyal fans check out E3 Game Expo event next month and if you are in California get tickets to this event for the true GAMER.Flawless Victory OUTKAST 4eva.Peace!