OUTKAST ROCKS!!! & I have 2 questions. | The Official Outkast Site

OUTKAST ROCKS!!! & I have 2 questions.

OUTKAST ROCKS!!! & I have 2 questions.

Hey there everyone I am glad to be part of the OUTKAST Site but I have 2 or maybe 3 questions brief I hope, lol.

1. Signing up I did all that was asked, everythan cool but when it asks me to pick my favorite song the list drops I pick it and nothing happens I have done this repeatedly. Whatsup with that? Can the moderator here set that up for me Please???

2. I won tickets from flow 93.5 in Toronto to see OUTKAST Live this was Summer of 2001 at the Docks with Moby and some others. Out of 6,000 people ZaZa (Andre's Mentor/Spiritual Coach) waved me over I didn't see him or expect it so he went and got a security guard to bring me to the fence and handed me a card with his name on it. He wrote come to The Cambridge Suites after 10pm and in brackets (no dudes allowed) I'm like Holy Shizznick!!! why only me and how could he notice me outta 6,000 people going crazy just as I was too, lol.

Now my best friend at the time missed the concert and was bummed out but I surprised her with the personal invite to Party with our most favorite Hip Hop group of all time OUTKAST at their hotel to boot ah YAY!!!! We get there I brought my ATliens original CD and my Stankonia original CD and they both signed the actual CD's themselves very clearly and in black marker.

The story gets way better but now comes the 2nd question. Where or can I start a bidding on them as they are very rare in awesome shape just the CD cases are clear but the actual signatures look like new right on the cd's and there are no scratches, skipping nothing when the cd's are played. Now if I can start the bidding can you lead me as to where I do it or do I do it here? I know they are worth A LOT of money I have been offered but refused and now i know that I'm ready this time to sell them to the highest bidder.

Thanks For Reading my lil story (which gets a lot better throughout the night)

I look forward to your help for question #1 and question #2

Stay Safe, Positive & Smile!!!