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Re: Outkast Clothing Company

Greetings All,
I agree completely and whole-heartedly with Newbie. Man....thinking about the Outkast gear brought back memories. The quality was top notch, and the different ways you could combine the T-shirts and a button-up were limitless. Toss an Outkast jacket on, and a team fitted cap to complete the 'fit...High quality, and well made. Even my mother loved buying the gear at the time; taking her away from the standard polo's and jeans for school shopping. In all reality, I know a venture like a clothing line is not cheap on the business end of things. But all I can suggest is for the company to do the footwork first. Get the public opinion. I think combined with some Dress and Formal wear (influenced by Cee-Lo)...Outkast Clothing Co. could very well do something very special for fall 2011. And should. I have spoken!! Let it be done. Laughing out loud

We miss Outkast Clothing Company!

Much love ,