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I cannot remember a day that has not involved any of Outkast's music. Born and raised in the Dirty South, Outkast has become a staple in my life of music....Now that I have started my own Grass-Roots record label, G3 ENTERTAINMENT AND G3 RECORDS, I am thankful to Andre and Big Boi for giving me hope and inspiration for showing me the way to make my dream of bringing something new to the Industry just as they did and have continued to do.
Having to start from the "grass-roots" level is stoopid hard, but after years of watching the accomplishments of the Outkast, its a steady reminder to me that..... IT CAN BE DONE! The best part of this SICK duo is,that it is now and always will be about the MUSIC....the money follows, but only when its the Music you care about more.

So, I guess, what I really want to say is---Thank You!---and I hope one day someone will be writing something like this to one of my artists or maybe even me.