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We can all say what it is we think matters
It takes all that to feel better
I express myself through making it all better
But, I like nice things
Fancy trips and Shopping Sprees
Things that make me feel good are new shoes
I want to go where everyone wants to toast drinks with me
It takes all that
I like to express myself through making it all better
Fancy Trips, and attractive people
I want to go where everyone wants to toast drinks with me
When hospitality is second nature, to the places that make satisfying pleasures what it is about
It takes all that

"My Motivation to Party"

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In My Metropolitan Setting

In my setting
My metropolitan setting
The setting with
The constant sound of action
I observe
I observe the movement
I note, differences
May it be
Color of meter
In my setting
The center of the city,
The connection to the
The theater to the zoo,
The convention center
Of attractions,
I note
May it be meter or color
Tint or sound
The memorization of
The setting allows
Me to always consider
The metropolitan setting


With wind blowing definition, Captured in a photo.
A flower and the color is as ravishing as the sensation of Mrs. Owens in her essence

The sequence of it growth
The nature in its own habitat!

The flower’s own essence is essential to take note, because only in that would you appreciate
It in fullness
Size, magnitude, color