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Re: D.Ante's Interests

I like to write because when I write it just flows,
At times I just let it grow until I know it's enough,
Although with so much stuff on the brain I don't know how to maintain simple poetry,
So with that you must first know a tree before you can be a tree hugger,
And Most suckas nowadays get to choppin then stoppin them brain cells from growing,
Only because they're puffing and blowing without knowing the full effects of what they're puffing on,
Its the same old song, from the muggy water in the bong, to the blunts that are getting long, and longer,
The strands are getting stronger, The minds are getting slower when sober is the dream,
And on today's moving scene did you know when rolling that reefer,
There are 29 different chemicals in that "Wiz Khalifa" rolling paper,
Now you dependant creators must be debators some time soon,
Before your mind becomes a small, limited room full of useless s***,
This you need to get, and Understand completely,
This weed only makes you weak see,
And I should know, coming from New Mexico where they ain't nothing to do,
But light one up with you and your buddies, just hanging with the crew,
I got uplifted but not soon after that addicted to the high,
Tried to stop but there was always an excuse for this guy,
I would lie constanly telling myself it made me smarter,
This was true in the first beginning stages but it got harder,
To Remeber, To listen, To Appreciate the good,
If I could, I would, it wouldn't matter if I should,
That ain't all the story but I ain't about to open up like a book,
It just took some trouble with the law to get the full outlook,
Now, I'm telling you this hoping you think about what you should do before you do it,
Before you throw caution to the wind and say screw it,
Cause I blew it and so have many people in this world,
Just be that one who didn't like the diamond among the pearls,