I got an A on this. This was for my creative writing class. i miss them together. | The Official Outkast Site

I got an A on this. This was for my creative writing class. i miss them together.

I got an A on this. This was for my creative writing class. i miss them together.

Possum Aloisious Jenkins & Lucious Leftfoot: The greatest
Musical Group of all time.

To be so fresh and so clean while keeping the taste of “ghetto musick”, on top of that, being pleasant to all ears was always impossible, until the year 1994. That year an album hit stores; not only an album but also a savior of musics movement. The albums name was “Southernplayalisticadillacmusic”. The album came from two gentlemen (Andre Benjamin and Antwan Patton) that craved to bring color and vibrancy into this dull world. These heroic men called themselves “Outkast”. Their heroic efforts made them the greatest musical group to ever come into existence. So why is this group the greatest? These men saw the way the world looked at hip hop and wanted to change the rap game from being looked at negatively to positive. Outkast brought nothing but complete originality to their music, fashion and videos. They weren’t afraid to be different in fact they seemed to be afraid to be the same as everyone else that could spit a few words into the microphone. These fearless artists were practically polar opposites that created masterpiece after masterpiece with complete confidence in their work.

Outkast came into the rap game at the best time when they started their first album. Rap was being widely listened to by people all across the nation, but not everyone looked at it as being a positive genre of music. There was so much hate and vulgarity in the lyrics of so many rap artists at the time that there needed to be some kind of change; Outkast was that change. There was no change in the vulgarity in the lyrics but in the style. It was hip-hop with a southern feel to it that did not focus on hate, money, drugs, or women. They rapped about those things, but never stayed on them. They tried to focus more on day-to-day things that everyone could relate to: inner thoughts of the everyday man, while still keeping the luxury attitude of successful rappers. They made their music sound as if they loved to please the people listening to it. Outkast used any and every genre of music to make their songs, as if they refused to please or focus on a certain group of people staying purely original.

Originality and Outkast should have the same definition in the dictionary. Outkast brought so much more to their music than just music. Their music to them was a life-style that definitely showed in the way they displayed their music. “Ms. Jackson” is a great example of they’re life-style to music “she never got a chance to hear my side of the story, we was divided. She had fish fries and cookouts on my child’s birthday, I ain’t invited. Despite it, I show her the utmost respect when I fall through. All you do is defend that lady when I call you.” Even through that one verse they display struggles they’ve gone through in the past with their baby’s mama’s mama. You hear that they are not scared to bring you that extra level that is needed for the song, that makes you want to get up and dance and also really ponder the world Andre and Antwan are living.

Listening to them you think these are two guys that look like everyone else. Until you see them for the first time. You see Antwan Patton: wearing what all pimps are wearing, possibly fox furs and gator shoes. Then you see Andre Benjamin: skinny, wearing something really bright and odd looking, possibly topless with bright pants or dressed up in slacks, button up shirt with a bowtie with suspenders. You realize the depth, originality and experience of their music. You see that what they wear reflects the type of music they put out. “Rosa Parks” is a great example of that. The song itself is wonderful, but it does not give you the whole feel of Outkast that you get from the music video. You see Antwan on the phone with Andre saying that the video needs cars rims and some pimp stuff to where Andre is agreeing but says the video needs some sci-fi, some futuristic stuff. Both their writing styles are different as well in this song that turns into verses that just reflect each other in odd ways while pulling the song beautifully together. Andre and Antwan want you to experience the song when you hear it so then when you experience the music video it is a completely different experience from before, like getting two gifts when you expect only one.

In conclusion, if the music, fashion, and originality or all round genius of Outkast does not convince you that they’re the greatest musical group ever. Look at the hard work they put into their music for their fans. They wrote over one hundred and twenty songs, and made over ten music videos so that people could experience the beauty of what Outkast loves the most and that’s music.