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Re: Official Feedback/Moderation Thread

I love out kast since southerplayalistik......i joined this site for 2 reasons ..1} i love kast..2} outkast from ATL NEEEEDS to do somthing with T-rock from ATL ..those are the best from the city and trust me t-rock can keep up...this is not a random dude hes a legend from atl jus like they have never did a song i dont know.......soooo please ,,please ,, ive kept it real with yall ,,plzzz keep it real with me ....can yall plzzzzzz do a track or an album together the 3 of them would be unstopable ...and i no ATL is not that big short if anyone can sllide 1 message for me to OUTKAST..plzz work wit T-ROCK ..both legends of rap period... peace