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Re: New Music: Rick Ross ft. Andre 3000-"Sixteen"

This is TobyStark aka Alexander. I thought it was cool that you made a song with some of the illest out the WU. I am way too tired to go into detail about all the things I think about you. I don't appreciate the message you send to the kids nor do I care for your music. Man I'm tired...My ex-girlfriend idolizes you and would really like to meet you with this little bit of time we have left. If you're not too buisy, I would like you to stop by on Christmas. I live in Chicago but I am having Christmas dinner at my ex-mother's house. She lives in a suburb called Bolingbrook. If you have the time Boss, I would love if you could make it. If you say no, I would be a Big boy and just take it. Contact me on Facebook, would love to hear from you: <a href=""></a>.

P.S. I also don't like you having an amalgamation of my name.

-Tobias Alejandro Barnes