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Re: More Festival Dates Announced

I just got finished watching the cochella performance, and I think a southern location such as Atlanta/ Savannah, somewhere where you could have done any song in your catalog and they could rhyme along with ya'll would have been better for the 1st performance. The crowd energy would have been better, which would have given ya'll the confidence boost you needed. They would have gotten it, the whole production scheme was lost on this audience. Andre would not have had to ask "are ya'll still here" 100 times, cause he would have felt it. @Rome1111 I love Andre but I think the thing with his performance was that he wasn't feeling it (love, sure, confident, or hell maybe he just didn't want to sing) kinda seemed like he was trying to figure it out and find his groove more than anything. @Rome1111 point #2 I can do without Andre's high energy songs ala Hey ya! I think he shines lyrically on slower songs such as growing old/13th floor...Jeezebel...Art of Storytelling....that song about the Rabbit at the end of love below. I like the songs where he plays with the words a bit more. I don't think they need separate sets. They should stick together through the whole show and maybe add people, but never, never, never, never FUTURE again, his lame ass is part of what's wrong with hip hop. I could see the dungeon family, purple ribbon all-stars, goodie mob, but why future? Anyway, Outkast, I am knowing the performances will get better, and as you get closer to home the crowd will show you the love.