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WOW is all I can say about that show at the Governos Ball! We made the trip from SC to see Outkast, perhaps for the last time! I've got to say, I've never seen such a hyped show and hyped crowd! So many people around rapping every word to every song! Man, you and Big Boi together, got a special gift that will never be re-created by anyone! All I can say is, don't buy into the media BS, because Outkast is as good as they ever were! At least y'all were at the Governors Ball! My wife and I grew up listening to Outkast, and that night, we felt like were 16 again!
Best night we've ever had thanks to y'all! Looks like we're going to try and pick up some tickets to see y'all wrap up the tour in Austin, TX! Keep up the good work and do it for the fans, because you still got em! Can't wait to go to TX now!