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Twitter consequences, pre-show bubble baths, grocery love, the best lemonade ever and how Big avoids getting crushed on his tour bus. It's all here in the outtakes from "The Crown Life".

Oh yeah, and the "L stands for lavender because the ladies like to put lip gloss on his lapel". Yes.

Big Boi Live at Governor's Island

Big Boi played at Governor's Ball in New York this weekend, and was there, slugging it out in the pit with the true fans. No VIP for us, nah, we were there with a flip cam sweating and spittin every word, the way it was meant to be.

This was the first time we've seen Big play with a drummer, who played harder than most metal drummers out there. He was a beast, so naturally Big opened with "Bust" off Speakerboxxx, which is probably his most drum-heavy track. It was a perfect song to take the stage to, and the crowd ate it up like a plate of yams (with extra syrup).

After "Bust", Big and Black Owned C-Bone served up what they are now calling "The Appetizer", a medley of classic Outkast tracks, before moving into new tracks like "General Patton", "Tangerine", "Shutterbugg", "Shine Blockas" and "Fo Yo Sorrows". We got our camera in the air at the end of "Daddy Fat Saxx", which broke into the one-two punch of "Ghettomusick" and "B.O.B." Playing those songs THAT close to each other with such a beastly drummer should be illegal. Check out the video right here.

As you can tell, sound quality was a little rough but that didn't stop the show. He killed it in every way possible, giving fans a great balance between Outkast classics and his new tracks, which if they aren't classics by now, they will be soon.

Later on in the night, after the sun went down, Girl Talk paid homage and put the a capella from "Shutterbugg" over Beyonce's "Crazy In Love". Check out the video from that performance below, as well as a bunch of photos from Big Boi's set.Read more

This is from back in 1996, when Big and Dre (who was in "data processing", according to Big) were making the rounds to promote ATLiens. They were clearly proud of the video for "Elevators" and how it worked to represent their career up until that point.

Also, was Yo! MTV Raps kind of ahead of its time with the "online questions"? I mean, MTV shows are still pulling that exact move with Twitter, 15 years later. Check out their 3 part appearance on Yo! MTV Raps below. Man, that ATLiens card that Dre is holding up is great...that might be the only time that image has been on TV. Anyone?Read more

Check out "The Crown Life", a 10 minute short film following Big Boi from the studio, to the tour bus, to the stage and on a search for turkey hot dogs. Its amazing, well worth the ten minutes.Read more

First announcement: Just a heads up that the lyrics function on the "Music" page will be down for a while. Unfortunately we don't know for how long as we will be working out a new deal with our lyrics provider. Once we know more, you all will be the first to know. Thanks Web Crew

Back in 2006, BBC2 did an interview with Dre where he expressed his love for the music of Squarepusher, a UK-based electronic producer/genius. In the piece, Andre asks for the BBC to find Squarepusher to see if the two could collaborate.

The BBC, being responsible journalists, does just that in this video.

After the piece aired, the story stayed pretty quiet for awhile, until this article late last year, where Squarepusher himself stated that he and dre were "Edging toward a plan" to make something "fucking astonishingly good".

What do ya'll think about this collaboration? Dre is definitely not afraid of new genres, and he's clearly OK with cracked-out electronic music, evidenced by his "Favorite Things" on The Love Below.

This is crazy. Just found this footage from something called The 411 Knowledge & Entertainment Show, hosted by radio personality Carol Blackmon.

Shot in 1994 at S.W Dekalb High School in Atlanta, this video features a young Dre freestyling over an offscreen beatbox, and its amazing. A little slice of time back at the beginning of this whole epic journey. Think of the steps these kids took after this moment...ATLiens, Aquemini, "B.O.B.", "Hey Ya", "Sir Lucious Left Foot", and it STILL hasn't stopped...

Whats up with Big Boi? Lots. Lets re-cap.

First, Crown Royal Black is putting together a documentary short about the man called "The Crown Life" and it looks like a great look into the backstage persona of Big Boi and his crew. Check out the trailer below.

Second, for his daughter Jordan's Sweet 16 he gave her a record label. The label will be called "Purple Kidz" and their first signing is Gabbie Rae, a 12-year old singing prodigy who appeared on the Tyra Banks Show. Check Billboard for the full story.

In a recent interview with MTV, Big Boi explained the nature of that Modest Mouse collaboration we mentioned below. Here is his explanation, sounds like a great way to make a record. Get the rest of the story at Stereogum.

[Modest Mouse frontman] Isaac [Brock] and I were talking about our lives, different backgrounds, how he grew up, talking about music, different songs. He gave me backstories on different songs they did, like ‘Wild Pack of Family Dogs,’ gave me stories on that. It was a real chill atmosphere, so it was basically just kicking it around the studio, just chopping it up. We was in here doing 14-hour days. …It was all day long. We’d jam, we’d talk, we’d jam some more. It was a real cool experience.

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