Andre did this Spotify Style Soundtrack as part of his campaign for Gillette. You should check it out to hear Dre take you on a personal journey (with a running commentary from Dre himself) through a slick collection of "Style" related tracks including RL Burnside, Bad Brains, Squarepusher and Joe Jackson. Check it out and catch some style through your ear holes.

Big's got a new track with Theophilus London and Tre Luce called "She Said OK". It's a dirty stankin classic. Listen/download now.

New radio station added - Rappin Lounge

They havn't gone soft I think they just lost you...when you grow as a group or solo artist your material also changes but these boys are still relevant in the game. In my opinion still the best that ever done it.

The website told me I was spam because my subject was "caring is sharing"

Obviously someone is jealous. "white mans razor" Obviously someone cant let go either. If you dont like it, go somewhere else. People need to make a living, and i would not consider that selling out, if you dont like it keep your comments to yourself, fool. YOU dont know what is real, obviously or you wouldnt be talking like a rabid hood rat straight out of the gutter. How about you worry about your own life and make your own money, instead of criticizing people more successful than you?

Sounds like newbie does not know what it means to grow up and mature. Let me guess he is not "keeping it real". Please go back to our hood and stay there

The 13-minute version of this track is real, and you can stream it right now over at Stereogum. Do it, the extended version breaks into a psychedelic rock freakout, and Dre leads the whole thing with reminders of different ways that he is, in fact, "the shit".

BOOM. It's here. The video for "DoYaThing", featuring Andre collecting sweat and hiding WHERE YOU KEEP YOUR FOOD. Watch it now and try not to beat anyone with those mean converse(s).

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