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It's Breathtakingly Flawless : ) !!!

No one breaks out of the 16 bar structure like Dre. No one. Here he is demonstrating on "Sixteen", his collabo with Rick Ross on God Forgives, I Don't. Listen to the track HERE.
Pulpit rock
We told you it was going to happen. Frank Ocean's "Channel Orange" featuring a contribution by Andre 3000, is available on iTunes now and streaming on Frank's Tumblr. Think of a better project for Dre to be involved in right now...don't worry...we'll wait.

Frank Ocean's major label debut is on the way, and Andre 3000 will be a guest. He'll be both rapping and singing on Channel Orange, out July 17th. Check out a non-Andre track and get ready for the real thing.

Listen to "Pyramids" on Frank Ocean's Soundcloud.

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hey guys,

It's been a year since my last post,

still no reply ...

Summer's starting again, that means festivals, also in Belgium Smile

I'll tell you what, I'm gonna keep posting at the start of summer, I just couldn't live with myself knowing I didn't try my very best to get you guys to play a show in Belgium.

Please consider touring again, at least once more.

love and admiration,

Toon Daems

Andre did this Spotify Style Soundtrack as part of his campaign for Gillette. You should check it out to hear Dre take you on a personal journey (with a running commentary from Dre himself) through a slick collection of "Style" related tracks including RL Burnside, Bad Brains, Squarepusher and Joe Jackson. Check it out and catch some style through your ear holes.

Big's got a new track with Theophilus London and Tre Luce called "She Said OK". It's a dirty stankin classic. Listen/download now.

New radio station added - Rappin Lounge

They havn't gone soft I think they just lost you...when you grow as a group or solo artist your material also changes but these boys are still relevant in the game. In my opinion still the best that ever done it.

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