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The website told me I was spam because my subject was "caring is sharing"

Obviously someone is jealous. "white mans razor" Obviously someone cant let go either. If you dont like it, go somewhere else. People need to make a living, and i would not consider that selling out, if you dont like it keep your comments to yourself, fool. YOU dont know what is real, obviously or you wouldnt be talking like a rabid hood rat straight out of the gutter. How about you worry about your own life and make your own money, instead of criticizing people more successful than you?

Sounds like newbie does not know what it means to grow up and mature. Let me guess he is not "keeping it real". Please go back to our hood and stay there

The 13-minute version of this track is real, and you can stream it right now over at Stereogum. Do it, the extended version breaks into a psychedelic rock freakout, and Dre leads the whole thing with reminders of different ways that he is, in fact, "the shit".

BOOM. It's here. The video for "DoYaThing", featuring Andre collecting sweat and hiding WHERE YOU KEEP YOUR FOOD. Watch it now and try not to beat anyone with those mean converse(s).

Edit: Download "DoYaThing" now on the Converse site.

"DoYaThing", featuring Andre 3000, Gorillaz and James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) is streaming right now over at Listen Before You Buy. Speaking of buying, you can buy it on the Converse site starting tomorrow.

"talkin' bout 'uh he don't rap enough', well y'all rap a lot, and i'm like, 'wrap it up'." Prepare to have your mind blown again and again with this verse. Wow.

BONUS: Check out this interview with James Murphy where he talks about working with Andre, "You know how you think you're going to meet André and he's going to be totally cool? He's actually way cooler." and he also talks about the 12-minute version of this track, which is basically everyone just jamming together. Sick.

This track is very strong it shows him as artist but also his true feelings of his life long career in growth the rap portion was from the heart to the point and the singing was directional to his emotions on life the fear of time DRE... the song is brillant!! Question for you.. if you knew your expiration date would you develop chronometrophobia?? Hell yeah i know i would lol man love what you doing be listening to you for mean yeahs im from south carolina i gotta twang in my voice

Check out this quick behind the scenes video for Dre's upcoming Converse collaboration with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem) and Gorillaz called "DoYaThing".

Nothing really from his verse, but if you look close, you'll see his part of the video at the :50 second mark. There's also this amazing illustration. We're 98% sure that's Andre on the right rockin the Rorsharch-y joint on his face.

Andre 3000 Converse Song
Via Pitchfork.

cool you saw him in person

Dre jumped on a version of Jeezy's "I Do" with Jay-Z and Drake and...well, it's great. "If we ever whoop da whoop, I want all that bleep da bleep". Yup. That's what he said.

Check out the track right here, especially if you've been fiending for more of that "International Players Anthem" flavor.

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