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Andre 3K

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I hope you can FIGHT ....".....cuz you about to knock them out of the box!!!!!!!!!!!!like a prison riot!!!!!!!!!

I love your style Dre I wear my hair natural but I really don't because I press it all the time. Only when I'm at home I wear it down and out. Sure I'll go to the store, Walmart but never to work.The bushy wild look I love it but people look at you so crazy like it's offensive. I guess that's my issue to deal with. Also Iove your style of dress I never dress up or wear dresses or skirts I'm way to comfortable with over sized close. I don't like to be looked at I'm a woman sure I like a minimal amount to attention but not to much. I have the mind to sew some curtins my sister in law gave me to the bottom of my jeans, only the bottom leg area. I am gonna do that I don't care. I'll send you the pic if possible. Please keep doing what you're doing your music is so needed in this miserable slew of mindless undriven uninspired fabricated people who've somehow made it on the radio. I love you and big boi.
Prototype is one of my favorite songs it's so beautiful the video made my love you in a deeper way i'm almost sure you inspired and directed it . Peace and much love

Always listening

~*hevenly angel*~