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FunkyWhitePimp's Comments

This is great. Sounds mildly like Basement Jaxx.
It has to be the longest 3000 verse to date.
The way Dre blended into the song reminded me of Esthero's "Junglebook". And I never get tired of when the tune changes whenever Dre and Big Boi introduce themselves. Phenomenal!!

Seeing as all of these songs are Big Boi’s guest appearances, it therefor excludes the many OST’s featuring Outkast and Big Boi as a solo artist, and anything officially by Big Boi…such as songs like:
”My Chrome” and ”U Got Me!!” (from Got Purp Vol.2)
”In Due Time” (from Soul Food OST)
”Runnin’ Away” (from Sly and the Family Stone’s guest appearance cover album, Different Strokes By Different Folks)
And all of Big Boi’s and Outkast’s unreleased tracks, such as ”Ringtone” and ”Sumthin’s Gotta Give” and ”Roaches and Rats” and ”Lookin’ 4 Ya”.Read more

DJ Emir.
Outkast's The Way You Move was the original...
One of the only artists of nowadays which have been copied by a legendary band; it's usually the other way around.
Outkast are simply awesome and we have Earth, Wind & Fire's seal of approval to back that up.

If music was a person and had a house to go to, i'd hear Movin' Cool constantly blazing from the windows....well the whole album actually Laughing out loud

I'd say this album is so good its more like the movie 'Idlewild' was made for the album. (Even though the movie also rocked.)
I still get impressed listening to this album, just hearing what amazing artists Big Boi and Andre 3000 are.
If ''When i Look in Your Eyes'' was produced back in the day when we had Nat King Cole and all the greats i am sure we'd be hearing it today as a classic.

But (unfortunately) pop music these days is mostly (if not, only) focused on cool music videos and fashion thereby blinding the audience into thinking the actual music is good.Read more

I think Outkast tried to do what Funkadelic did with ''Electric Spanking of War Babies'' on this album;
Like psychedelic funk but with raw rap adding the Outkast touch.
Crazy album but not their best.

This album was important for Outkast because it gave Dre and Big Boi a chance to give their fans a taste of what their styles are independently.
I also think it opened up a doorway of exhilarating ideas for the two.

I reckon this is still their best work...even though its difficult to compare their albums cos they're all so different and excellent in their own ways.

haha the Dre-dy Bunch