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bracin3000's Comments

dope!! this is what makes Outkast timeless!

i watch this at least 2 times a month, wish it was fave part "Settin Trends, Commin On In beCause My Name Is Andre Ben"

i have been waiting for this collabo! hopefully its on 3000 new solo joint or on Sq.P's!

great post! i agree with it, but for me its hard to narrow down the top 5 moments!
this album is good from top to bottom!!!
E.T. is one of the HARDEST Hip-Hop Songs Ever!!!!!
Sounds like they walked into the rain forest in the middle of the night and just started spittin!
this song gives me chills EVERYTIME i hear it!


God Let Me Stop! I Could Go On And On About Outkast!

The Crown Never Left!

whats funny is i was disappointed that i knew everything! ha! so to me i was hyped then i was like hmm i got all these albums and verse's! but then i thought about it. people who dont know about these songs will love the mixtape so it made it all good!

i like the Beatles and i usually dont like cover songs but this is good, it shows 3000's range as an artist just not a rapper! BUT! i wanna hear him RAP!!!! When Is His Album Coming! ha i hope soon!!!
Realistically There Hasnt Been An OUTKAST album since Stankonia! Im talkin 3000 & BB On 98% Of All the Songs! We Need A "SouthernPlayaListicATLienAqueminiStankoniaFunkyMuzik" ha! Kast For Life

been there done that! ha

"I Would Do the Same Thing If I Was a Mini But Ima Mickey, And Thats Where It Gets Tricky"


album is fire! but what do we expect! but i think the more people listen to it then they will realize how good it is! so many songs leaked i listened to the few i never heard before, but after that i just let it play and this is a classic Big Boi! i just wish it got more publicity because the CROWN hasnt left and people need to know this WORLD wide!
but July 6th gonna get my copy!

every outkast video is different! cant wait to see what else is in store!

also where are the FANS at! they only participate when something free is evolved ha!
i feel like i talk to myself on this!