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bracin3000's Comments

this is my jam! still listen to this all the time!

dont forget about 8ball & MJG ft. Outkast - throw your hands up!
thats a classic verse by the both of them!

this is FIRE & Havin Rube On It Lets Us Know Its Official

"born in 1975, never thought id make it this far, still battling in this racial war"


3000 verse for next week "Ya'll Scared"

sorry i couldnt wait! its tooooooooooo Good! i couldnt wait for you to guys to get to it ha

"What's Sad Is That Crack, Was Introduced To Hispanic Communities And Blacks,

But Then It Spread To White And Got Everyone's Undivided Attention

Cause Your Daughter Is On It And You Can't Hide It, Maybe Your Son Tried It, Rehab Too Crowded...You Scared, She Scared, They Scared, I Said They Scared, They Scared To Talk About It"


To put that b**** in slower motion, got the potion and the antidote

And a quote for collision the decision"

this my favorite part! the delivery in this part is so smooth! amazing!

yeah i think its solid! but in that part,

"you’re just as good as Dre, so why the f*** are you not on"

what Dre? is he talking about? are we sure he didnt say drake ha! cause yes drake he probably better then cause to me drake is over-rated simply cause he roll with wayne is where he gets his fans, cause we all know wayne fans are delusional.

but i like it, it was a hot verse, but doesnt come close to any outkast storytellin!

on Boi's twitter he links a page about this same video
but people commented it and said pretty much kast need to put something out cause they will lose fans this way!

but ALL us real kast fans no thats not the truth!!

im craving it of course, but it will be well worth the wait considering every album they have put out
is still in heavy rotation for me!!

they never get old because they are all different and i learn something new everytime, little punchlines that were so discrete!

ahhh i Cant Sleepy Brown ft. Outkast......

Cant Wait!!! get it!!

got it last night! at 10pm after class! on repeat till 2am! cause you know i had skool!
his lyrics were crazy!!! i like the gwen stefani punchline alot! since ima fan of no doubt!

cant wait!!!