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Kdub's Comments

on Funk

Andre 3000, here is a gift to you. What do you think 3K?

NICE! Love This Record. You betta go , and get the hump up out cha back na! It's bout four, five cats up in my Lac na!....Dope!

This Album Made Me A Fan. I've Been A Fan Eversince. Long Live Outkast!!!

Wow! You are a true artist. I think this is your best piece. You really capture Andre 3000's essence with this one. Keep it up because you are inspiring me to continue drawing. Maybe someday we can collaborate.

I was a shorty when this Album came out. The first Outkast song I heard was "Elevators" and since then I have been a fan. They have came a long way.

Congratz Flixor. If I was granted the entire Outkast catalog it would be like winning the lotto. I could take Outkast everywhere I go and I would learn how to DJ.